About Us

Meet the EE Team!

Eschler Editing and E&E Books are comprised of award-winning teams of highly skilled writers, editors, designers, literary agents, and publishing and promotion professionals that hail from diverse segments of the publishing industry.

In addition to advanced degrees, awards, publications, and varied backgrounds in everything from library science to film to marketing, our senior staff members have between twenty and forty years of experience in book publishing, so they’ve seen it all and have the wisdom to navigate the ever-changing landscape.


In short, we’re the right team for you if you want to go pro.

Whether that means leaving a meaningful legacy for your family or seeing your book on the shelves, we offer customized editing and publishing plans with serious professional support and guidance.

So whether you want to self-pub or get an agent, we’ll help you learn to stand out and make a bigger impact. Why? Because filling the world with powerful books is vital. Writers are important; they’ve changed history, they’ve changed our lives, and we want to ensure they keep changing the world, one reader at a time. That’s our story.


Now, let’s make sure your story is heard.